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Help, assistance and expertize on your projects from our team.

Our commercial network

Contact our local distributor and get a presentation of our products & solutions. He will collect your requirements and send them to our design office for analyze (hot water needs, available energies, water quality, …), choice of optimal equipements and commercial department for quotation.

Contact your local agent


Systems and solutions team

Energy recovery, use of renewable energy, reduction of carbon tax …

We help you finding the best ways to optimize how water production and reduce energy bills.

Our agency dedicated to Systems & Solutions provides expertise to our sales network from design of solutions to assistance during installation  and monitoring of performance/ROI.

On demand : assistance to commissioning operations

End users, administrations, industries, design offices…

Let’s talk about your projects !


Design office and technical experts

We provide  :  

  • Analyze of requirements and key parameters for choice (HW needs, water quality, energy costs, …)
  • 2D or 3D designs for specific, customized products

Contact our Technical department.




Whichever the transportation mode of your equipements (road, sea, air), our Logistics department synchronizes the delivery according to your needs.


Contact our Logistics department


Document search

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Tools and software

Tools to help you on projects, from specification to design.

Domestic Hot Water requirements analysis software

Developped by our design office, this software allows easy and quick analyze/calculation of the most common DHW applications.

You can save and modify, export your projects in pdf format and send them to us for quotation.

Coming soon…



Aftersales and spare parts


Head of  Department


Land line : +33 (0)5 65 40 39 39

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