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Multi-energy solutions, an overall optimized offer A french know -how for more than 60 years Energy optimisation within your reach Commercial export

Lacaze Energies

Hot water production and chilled water storage for demanding customers

Multi-energy solutions, an overall optimized offer

Meet your needs of production and storage of water in the tertiary and industrial sectors...

Domestic hot water
Solar hot water
Chilled water
Primary hot water

... by means of our products and standard customizable global solutions resorting to classic and renewable sources of energy


Thermal solar


Energy recovery

Thermal exchange

And in a personalized support, from the expression of your needs to the realization of your project.

A french know -how for more than 60 years


A French know-how since 1951

Located since its beginnings in the Lot department, France, the PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY JULIEN LACAZE started his activity by making oil tanks then hot water heating system for the industries and the tertiary / residential sector. In 2007, the company is renamed LACAZE ENERGIES and becomes one of 15 subsidiaries of GROUPE CAHORS.
Employing more than 1760 collaborators worldwide, this industrial group specialized in the global solutions for electricity distribution networks, the fluid distribution and for the global communication networks, thus strengthens its skills with the integration of LACAZE ENERGIES.

Innovation, the core of our business

Providing an adapted answer is a need for our customers for whom water production and storage are complex issues. Investing nearly 7% of its turnover for Research and Development, LACAZE ENERGIES designs and manufactures in France equipment and complete solutions adapted to market needs, new thermal regulations, environmental issues and the latest technological developments.


Human and materials means

• A marketing network back up by a costing department and a Research & technical engineering office.
• Automated manufacturing equipment, on its production site based at Leyme (46 – France) streching over a covered area of 10 000m ².
• Management of exceptional transport operations (including very high tanks capacities).
• A laboratory for materials and water analysis.

A global approach to customers’ needs

Performance comes with expertise and the ability to optimize systems. LACAZE ENERGIES offers productive alternatives and\or hot water storage and chilled water by the use of renewable conventional energy sources, but also alternative energy sources.
With technical and cost-effective solutions, our engineering office provides support for the launch and the continuous improvement of high performance and sustainable solutions, meeting the needs of increasingly demanding customers.

Energy optimisation within your reach

To meet their needs, our team works  constantly  with customers, consultants, MEP companies and distributors.

For Lacaze Energies, an optimization solution is first based on listening and the full analysis of needs and constraints of your projects. This is therefore not only suggesting a solution that meets your product specifications, it is above all to offer a solution taking into account:
-your existing process: context, functioning,
available energies or alternative energy
sources, water quality;
– technical and architectural constraints,
– environmental issues, and taxes incurred in
the course of your business;
– the best return on investment;
– available assistance based on your
geographical area, and support to obtain same.

Responding to all the needs encountered


In the tertiary sectors :
• Collective housing
• Health organizations (EPHAD, hospitals, clinics)
• Hotels,
• Restaurants and collective kitchens,
• Municipal swimming pools,
• Campsites,
• Sports facilities, …

In industry sectors :
• Agri-food,
• Textile,
• Mechanics, plastics,
• Chemistry, pharmacy,

Commercial export

Worldwide sales

Providing you :

  • information, support and assistance.
  • experience, technical knowledge and responsiveness
    during the whole phase of the realisation of your project