DHW tanks and primary solar water



500 to 6000 Litres

CE compliance

Tubular heaters

"RC" internal coating (WRAS approved material)

Stainless steel AISI 316L tank

The “RECUPAC” is a cost-effective solution for producing and storing DHW from energy recovered by a heat pump.
Thanks to heat extracted from the air or the ground it is possible, via a tubular heater, to store sufficiently large quantities of hot water to meet the needs of the service or residential sectors.
If necessary, a backup system can be used to provide additional energy.
Based on the CODAP, the “RECUPAC” also fulfils the requirements of the EN13445 standard.

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Production of DHW via any kind of heat pump.
• Less heat pump operating cycles.
• Reduced operating costs (energy savings of up to 60%).
• Reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
• DHW temperature stability.
• Significant volume of hot water means that peaks in demand are met.
• Multi-purpose: can be integrated into new or existing installations.
• Delivered to site with pre-assembled insulation and thermal equipment.
• Non-standard versions are available on request.

Technical description

  • Tank
    • Vertical carbon steel or stainless stell tank with 3 feet.
    • 500 to 6,000 litres capacity.
    • Maximum service pressure = 7 bar.
    • Test pressure = 10 bar.
    • Nozzles (in accordance with the following diagram).
    • Specific nozzle for the solar regulation sensor.
    • ø 400 mm inspection manhole.
    Note: Compliant with the recommendations of the Directorate-General for Health
  • Internal coating (WRAS)
    • Finished with “RC851” coating.
    • T-max = 85°C constant.
    • Magnesium protection anode(s) with wear indicator.
  • External protection
    • Anti-rust paint.
  • Removable thermal insulation
    (even on the inspection manhole and on the bottom)
    M1 fire rated:
    • High-performance mineral wool – 100 mm thick
    (λ= 0.032 W/m/K).
    • Flexible PVC jacket
    M0 fire rated:
    • Rockwool – 100 mm thick (40 kg/m3).
    • Isoxal metal sheet jacket.
  • Tubular heater
    • Removable tubular heater with bundle made of 316 L
    stainless steel, fixed onto the inspection manhole.
    • Class B heater, compliant with article 16.9 of the health
  • Options
    • Accessories kit (thermometer, DN25 safety valve, DN50
    drainage valve, air drain valve).
    • Other thicknesses of insulation.
    • Non-standard versions available on request.
  • Warranties (in accordance with our general conditions of sale)