DHW tanks and primary solar water



750 à 3 000 Litres

CE compliance

U-tube heater

Carbon steel primary tank

Primary hot water storage for DHW production

With PRIMEO, a primary storage cylinder for the production of DHW, it is possible to store energy coming from a heat source such as a solar installation, heat pump, classic or biomass boiler or any other primary circuit.
This accumulation of energy enables the instantaneous production of DHW through its circulation in a tubular exchanger.

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Technical description

  • Tank
    • Vertical carbon steel tank.
    • 750 to 3,000 litres capacity.
    • ø 400 mm inspection manhole(1).
    • Maximum working pressure = 7 bar.
    • Test pressure = 10 bar.
    • Tappings in accordance with the following diagram.
    • Anti-rust external paint.
    • NO internal coating (primary water storage).
  • Removable thermal insulation (including the inspection manhole
    and the bottom of the tank)
    Fire proof rating : M1 (Euroclass B)
    • High-performance mineral wool – 60 mm thick (λ = 0,032 W/m/K – 32 kg/m3).
    • Flexible PVC jacket.
    Fire proof rating : M0 (Euroclass A2)
    • Rockwool – 50 mm thick (λ = 0,034W/m/K – 40 kg/m3).
    • Isoxal metal sheet jacket.
  • U-tube heater
    • Removable U-tube heater, made of 316 L stainless steel (DHW
    production), fixed onto the Ø 400 mm inspection manhole.
    • Primary system = 90/70°C.
    • Secondary system = 10/55°C.
    • Δp ≤ 0,25 mWC.
    • Class B heater, compliant with article 16.9 of the French General
    Directorate for Health.
  • Options
    • Accessories kit (thermometer, DN25 safety valve, DN50 drainage
    valve, air vent valve).
    • Upon request : non-standard capacity, dimensions, working pressure
    and tappings implantation.
  • Warranties (in accordance with our general conditions of sale)