DHW tanks



300 to 10 000 Litres

CE compliance

Tubular heaters

Immersion heaters or electric cartridges

"RC" internal coating (WRAS approved material)

Stainless steel AISI 316L tank

The dual energy cylinder (electric immersion heater and U-tube heater) is a solution which combines multiple energies to optimise operating costs (for example, heating from a hot water heating circuit during the winter and electric elements in during the summer). It is designed for all types of semi-instantaneous or total accumulation domestic hot water (ECS) production systems for use in residential properties or industrial premises.

It amasses a reserve of water either through an exchanger fixed directly onto the tank and fed by a primary water circuit (hot water for heating), low pressure vapour or any energy recovery system, or thanks to an electric immersion heater.
The volume is sufficient to meet peaks in consumption without temperature fluctuations. With an immersion heater located in the top section of the device (optional integrated loop heater kit), you can quickly replenish hot water reserves in accordance with set point temperatures, providing additional power, which is necessary to meet peaks in demand. The dual energy heater is available with four different types of tank to meet all needs:

Carbon steel

Type of coating




0.3 à 10 m3

0.3 à 10 m3

T° max



Duration of T° max



Acier inoxydable

Nature of stainless steel

316 L stainless steel


0.3 à 10 m3

T° max

95°C constant

Special resistance to chlorinated shocks


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Multi-purpose: particularly suited for use with solar energy recovery systems, heat pumps (preheating) or solid or gaseous fuel boilers.
• Significant hot water storage capacity to meet peaks in demand.
• Temperature stability for distributed DHW.
Rapid reheating: considerable power.
Less heat generator operating cycles.
• Can be used at a constant temperature of up to 95°C (depending on the model).
Cost-effective solution (heating element directly integrated into the tank).
Quick and easy to install: equipment delivered to site with pre-assembled thermal equipment (can be easily removed if required).
Easy to maintain: removable heating elements.
Extended warranty for stainless steel version.
Non-standard version available on request

Technical description

  • Tank
    • Vertical carbon steel or stainless steel tank with 3 feet.
    • 300 to 10 000 litres capacity.
    • Maximum working pressure = 7 bar.
    • Test pressure = 10 bar.
    • Nozzles (in accordance with the following diagram).
    • ø 400 mm inspection manhole(1).
    (handhole with a diameter of 250 mm for 300 litres.
  • Internal coating
    • Finished with “RC851” coating
    (Maximum temp = 85°C constant).
    • Magnesium protection anode(s) with wear indicator.
  • External protection
    • Anti-rust paint.
    Removable thermal insulation
    (including the inspection manhole and the bottom of the tank)
    M1 fire rated:
    • High-performance mineral wool – 60 mm thick (λ = 0.032
    • Flexible PVC jacket
    M0 fire rated:
    • Rockwool – 50 mm thick (40 kg/m3).
    • Isoxal metal sheet jacket.
  • Electric immersion heater(s)
    • Reinforced incoloy resistor(s).
    • DN40 threaded cap up to 12 kW, M77 beyond that.
    • Voltage – three-phase 230/400 V up to 24 kW, three-phase 400/700 V beyond that.
    – Immersion heater fixing: on the tank or the manhole as required
    • Immersion heater fixing on the manhole.
    • Temperature regulation:
    – Electrical power ≤ 20 kW:
    Three-phase control/safety box 30 A, 400 V, fitted to the top
    of the immersion heater (double safety thermostat + cable switch).
    – Electrical power ≤ 20 kW:
    Double unipolar safety thermostat.
  • U-tube heaters
    • Removable U-tube heater with bundle made of 316 L stainless steel, fixed onto the ø 400 mm inspection manhole.
    • Input/output DN32F or DN50F + DN8F purge.
    • Primary system = 90/70°C.
    • Secondary system = 10/60°C.
    • Δp ≤ 0,25 mWC.
    • Class B heater(s), compliant with article 16.9 of the health regulations.
  • Options
    • Accessories kit (thermometer, DN25 safety
    valve, DN50 drainage valve, Air vent valve).
    • “RC951” finish (T-max = 95°C peak).
    • Other thicknesses of insulation.
    • Non-standard versions available on
  • Warranties (in accordance with our general conditions of