Primary Water Tanks



200 to 3 000 Litres

EC Compliance

Lower temperature of use -8°C (non-drinkable chilled water)

Maximum working pressure = 7 bar

Inspection manhole

«GLACEO» tanks are designed for the storage or recuperation of energy on primary

Their use provides a reserve of chilled water which offers the possibility:
• to absorb peak hour consumption
• to limit the installed power of the chilling system
• to diminish the frequency of its operation.

«GLACEO» tanks can also be equipped with electric immersion heaters, allowing for use
in heating mode, or frost protection.

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• Anti-condensation insulation following DTU* 67.1/45-2.
• Polyurethane foam without CFC; high insulation (0,02 W/m/°C).
• Minimum storage temperature = -8°C.
• Thermal insulation fire rated M1.
• Working pressure = 7 bar.
• Can be installed in a boiler room, or outside the building.
• Combined use: chilled water or heating.
• Non-standard versions available on request.
• Plastic film wrapping.

Technical description

  • Tank in carbon steel, vertical in 3 feet.
    • Capacity from 200 to 3 000L.
    • Maximum working pressure = 7 bar – Test pressure = 10 bar.
    • Tappings (in accordance with the following diagram).
    • ø 400 mm inspection manhole with thermal insulation (from 500L,
    according to models).
  • External protection
    • Anti-rust paint..
  • Removable thermal insulation
    (T-min = -8°C, installation possible in a boiler room or outdoors),
    Fire proof rating : M1 (Euroclass C)
    • Non-CFC emitting polyurethane foam, 40 mm thick, projected,
    rigid, high density (35 kg/m3), B2 – DIN 4102 fire rated.
    • Isoxal metal sheet jacket.
  • Options electrical backup
    • Resistor fixing ring soldered on tank.
    • Electrical elements with Incoloy pins.
    • Double safety thermostat (-30/+35°C).
  • Other options
    • Accessories kit (thermometer -30/+50°C, DN25 safety valve,
    degasser, DN50 valve for drainage).
    • Upon request : non-standard capacity, dimensions, working pressure
    and tappings implantation.
    • Upon request : tank made of stainless steel AISI 304L.
    • Horizontal tank.
  • Warranties (in accordance with our general conditions of sale)