Packaged solutions


Do you have a project in tertiary or industrial sectors ?
Think about global solutions for ENERGY SAVINGS.

Individual and collective housing
Health sectors (retirement home,hospital, clinic)
Hotel sector
Restaurants and collective kitchens
Public swimming pools and aquaparks
Sport facilities

The energy prices, carbon tax and the environmental impact (a more preserved environment) make you find energy saving solutions. Whatever your energy source (natural/ propane or natural liquefied gaz, electricity, fioul or wood), we can find together an adapted an dedicated solution according to your necessities in order to reduce efficiently your energy costs.

Target :
Make you obtain a packaging solution, combining solar energy with energy recovery on your existing process.




Example of industrial installation allowing maximum recovery of fatal energy on all sites (industrial or tertiary) to obtain temperature between 30 and 40°C. The solar addition allow to reach a temperature till 90°. The entire system could be subsidise by “ADEME*” since Janurary 1st 2017.

A completes study in 3 steps...

Studying your projet

  • Study carried out by our Design Office,
  • Study carried out by our Design Office,
  • Identification of the different waste heat of your industrial sites.

Offering you a packaged solution

Determination of an optimized global system combining renewable energies and free energy sources from your processes (steam, air conditioning, compressed air, waste water, etc.).

Guiding you

  • Technical documentation,
  • Assistance in system commissioning.

For a reliable an optimal solution

Free energies recovery




Hot water production




Any oportunity to optimize energy use ? LACAZE ENERGIES offers you solutions to reduce your bill by combining renewable energies with recovery on fatal energies.
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