Solar domestic hot water

As a key factor in energy consumption, when optimised, hot water production can be a source of energy savings. With the e-LESS®, the control and monitoring of your hot water production and storage installations, and the automation of certain maintenance operations, will provide you with a perfectly optimised performance.
Scalable and user-friendly, the e-LESS® will also surprise you with its communication capabilities (remote access).

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Technical description

  • Standard system :
    • Back-lit display of 2”4 128 x 64 pixels, 4 lines.
    • 20-key IP65 keyboard.
    • Power; 24 V DC/8 mA.
    • Maximum consumption of 6 W.
    • All-or-nothing 24 V DC inputs.
    • 4-20 mA inputs for all types of probes and sensors.
    • All-or-nothing 30 V DC, 250 V AC 1A relays.
    • RS485 communication port.
    • Depending on the version, Ethernet card + SD 2 Go card.
    Several options possible depending on the application.
  • Basic shared user-defined functions:
    • Equipment control and safety devices:
    – Heating element (automatic or manual boost);
    – Gas burners (Hydrogaz®);
    – Single or double pumps (homogenisation for example);
    – Solenoid valves (rapid flushing);
    – Motorised valves (heating regulation circuits).
    • All-or-nothing or PID temperature regulation, or via a 3-way valve (depending
    on application).
    • Control and management of thermal shocks (anti-legionella),
    • Alarm management (temperature, water consumption, instantaneous flow
    rate, pressure).
    • Equipment cut-out in the event of faults (memorised).
    • Detailed metering of DHW consumption, energy, heating time, temperatures,
    • Choice of communication modes: via Modbus RS485 or TCP-IP on request.
    • Password-protected local and remote access.
    Note : The ability to obtain certain information is subject to the presence of
    optional measuring devices.
  • Advanced functions (depending on the version) :
    • Ethernet remote access (integrated server, no need for management
    – Password-protected access;
    – Visualisation of input/output and fault status;
    – Set point modifications;
    – Configuration of alerts via email.
    • Alert messages sent automatically by e-mail or SMS.
    • Operating data logged on a Micro-SD card (temperatures, meters, status of
    peripheral devices, faults).