Solar heat …

One of the biggest solar plant for swimming pool heating in France

The city of Pont de Claix (38) decided to expand its environmental choices according to its program  «Agenda 21» . They worked closely with Compagnie de Chauffage de l’Agglomération de Grenoble (CCIAG) during 2012 on a new project : designing and building a new solar plant dedicated to the public swimming pool “Flottibulle”.

CCIAG worked in partnership with Lacaze Energies  on the management of the project, the design and the supply of equipement.  A specialized company, IRCM, designed and built the structural elements on the roof.  The city of Pont de Claix signed a contrat for the whole management of the swimming pool and the solar plant which collectors have been installed on the roof.

The power plant was inaugurated in octobre 2012 by the city Mayor, the chairmen of CCIAG and the CEO of Lacaze Energies.

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