Solar thermal collectors


Integrated exchanger

Solar domestic hot water

High efficiency circulator pump

The solar charging station DN15 with integrated exchanger ensures optimal transfer of solar heat energy towards the hot water storage tanks.
The presence of high efficiency circulators and of the controller 600i allows a perfect adaptation of flows in response to fluctuations in solar radiation, temperatures in the storage tanks and different requirements requested.






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The station is fully assembled, pre-wired and factory-set to facilitate commissioning. It is designed for wall mounting and is fully insulated. This station is adapted for up to 25m²aperture of flat-plate collectors SUN 300 and up to 15m²absorber of vacuum tube collectors SUN 401.

Technical description

  • 2 ball valves (primary flow and return) with anti-thermosiphon check valve 200mmCE (can be opened) and removable metal thermometer 0-160°C
    Permanent primary air bleeder with manual air vent valve
    Generoulsy sized exchanger with 24 brazed plates stainless steel AISI 316 in counter-current
    Expanded PolyPropylene insulation
    Domestic Hot Water Secondary
  • Primary safety group:

– Solar safety valve 6 bar – 3/4” int
– Solar fill valve
– Pressure gauge 0-6 bar
– Expansion vessel connection 3/4″ ext with flat seal

  • Simple high efficiency solar circulator pump GRUNDFOS UPM3 SOLAR 15-145
    Secondary safety valve 10 bar
    Primary solar drain valve
    Solar electronic flowmeter 0,5-15 l/min
    Simple domestic high efficiency circulator pump GRUNDFOS UPM2 15-75 CIL2
    Solar controller 600i with 4 temperature sensors Pt1000 including 2 installed on the primary for heat quantity measurement


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