Thermodynamic DHW


FROM 14 TO 105 KW

CE compliance

Heat pump power up to 105 kW

"Plug and play" system


Thermodynamic systems SEQUOIA® contain :

  • Thermal module transfer
  • Heat pumps
  • DHW tank
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Technical description

Thermal module transfer

  • Module :
    • Support frame in carbon steel.
    • Insulated brazed plate heat exchanger.
    • Secondary circulator pump.
    • Balancing & flow adjustment valve.
    • Piloted 3-way valve or 2 solenoid valves
    according to model.
    • PLC controlled.
    • Expansion tank (optional).
    • Flexible hose for secondary circuit
    connection for DHW (optional).
    • Flexible hose for primary circuit connection for HW (optional).
  • Control and power cabinet :
    • General circuit breaker 3x 400 V + N.
    • Light indicator.
    • Circuit breakers for immersion heaters.
    • Circuit breakers for heat pump.
    • Connector for I/O information.
    • PLC (230V / 6 NTC sensors).
  • Heat pumps
    • Air to Water system
    Available power from 14 to 105 kW
    (14, 19, 35, 45, 55, 75 et 105kW).
    COP up to 4,4
    (Normalized EUROVENT conditions :
    water 30/35 C deg., air 7/6 C deg.).
    • Water to water system from 20 to 100 kW, unon resquest
  • DHW tank
    • Vertical tank with 3 feet available in:
    – carbon steel with internal coating from 750
    to 6 000 L,
    – stainless steel AISI 316L from 750 to 6 000 L.
    • Maximum working pressure = 7 bar.
    • Test pressure = 10 bar.
    • Tappings and dimensions upon request.
    • ø 400 mm inspection manhole(1).
    (1)Note : conformément aux recommandations de
    la D.G.S.
    Removable thermal insulation (including the inspection manhole)
    Fire proof rating : M1 (Euroclass B)
    • High-performance mineral wool – 100 mm thick (32 kg/m3).
    • Flexible PVC jacket.
    Other thicknesses of insulation or M0 fire proof rating available upon
    Electrical backup
    Electric immersion heater with incoloy pins.
    Double unipolar safety thermostat.
    • As a replacement for heat pump if necessary and/or for realization
    of thermal shock (placed at the bottom of the tank, on the
    • Complementary energy source (placed at the top of the tank).
    Internal coating (WRAS approved material) of the carbon steel
    tanks (anti-legionnella safety)
    • Finished with “RC851” coating (Maximum temp = 85°C constant)
    or “RC951” coating (T-max = 95°C at peak times).
    • Magnesium protection anode(s) with wear indicator.
    Accessories kit
    including thermometer, DN25 safety valve, DN50 drainage valve, air vent valve.