Large flat-plate solar thermal collectors and mounting systems


The large-size flat-plate collector, available in 5m² and 10m².

Solar domestic hot water

10 year warranty*

High durability

High thermal efficiency

Solar KEYMARK and CSTBat certifications

The large-size flat-plate collector, available in 5m² and 10m², is ideal for large solar thermal systems. These collectors considerably reduce assembly time and costs thanks to their large area, their optimized mounting system and their simple connections.


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Collector SUN 700

Technical description

  • The collectors SUN 700.50 (5m²) and SUN 700.100 (10m²) can be installed on the ground or on a flat-roof with tilted frame at 30°, 45° and 60°.
  • Certified  SOLAR KEYMARK and CSTBat.
    • 2mm tempered solar safety glass with low iron content (transmission 91%).
    • Aluminium full plate absorber of 0.4mm, laser-welded copper meander tube (risers 8mm and manifold 28mm) with highly selective coating (absorption 95%, emissivity 5%).
    • 50mm rock wool insulation on backside.
    • Aluminium frame collector with a high degree of long-term stability and high strengh.
    • Weatherproofing between cover and frame ensured by EPDM gaskets.
    • Optimized ventilation.
    • Optimal overheating and draining behaviour.
    • Time-saving collector installation thanks to optimized mounting systems and four 1”1/4 connections including anti-rotation element.
    • Easy handling thanks to the 2 lifting rings.

    Glass covers and collectors can be individually replaced.

Installation options:
Installation on flat-roof or on ground.

Warranties (in accodance with our general conditions of sale)

Collector = 10 years (except cover)