Large flat-plate solar thermal collectors and mounting systems


The flat-plate collector SUN 600, available in 2m² and 2.3m², is perfectly suited to the Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa regions.

Solar domestic hot water

10 year warranty

High durability

Hign thermal efficiency

SOLAR KEYMARK and CSTBat certifications

Its ventilation concept offers an optimal protection in maritime (water) and desert environment (sand). It can be installed near the sea (except in tropical zone) as well as in the middle of the desert.


Installation options:

  • Installation on tilted frame at 45° on flat-roof or on ground.
  • On tilted roof (upon request).
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Technical description

The collectors SUN 600.20 (2.0m²) and SUN 600.23 (2.3m²) can be mounted on the ground or on a tilted frame at 45° on flat-roof (or on tilted roof upon request).


  • 2mm tempered and prismatic solar safety glass (transmission 89.5%).
  • Aluminium plate absorber of 0.4mm, laser-welded copper harp tube (risers 8mm and manifold 22mm) with highly selective coating adatped to saline environment (absorption 95%, emissivity 5%).
  • 30mm rock wool insulation on backside.
  • Aluminium frame collector.
  • Weatherproofing between cover and frame ensured by UV-resistant silicone seal.
  • Intelligent ventilation concept prevents the ingress of windborne sand and dirt.
  • Humidity absorber inside the solar collector.
  • Accurate automatic production.
  • Easy-to-install.
  • Unbeatable value for money.