Vaccum tube solar thermal collectors and mounting systems


The direct flow vacuum tube collector SUN 401 offers an unequalled performance.

Solar domestic hot water

20 year warranty

High durability

High thermal efficiency

SOLAR KEYMARK and CSTBat certifications

Flexibility and versatility of installation, adapting itself to the majority of the technical and architectural requirements.

  • Vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape) orientation of tubes.
  • Recommanded inclination from 2° to 90°.
  • Type of installation: flat, on tilted frame, on sloping roof, elevated, on wall.
  • Flat tiles, corrugated tiles, roman-tiles, slates, steel roof, asbestos cement.
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Nota : thanks to their reinforced insulation, the vacuum tube collectors produces more energy than the flat-plate collector

Our team will assist you to determinate the most adapted collector to your project

Technical description

  • Direct flow through a coaxial heat exchanger.
  • Coated aluminium box.
  • Copper absorber plate with highly selective coating (absorption 95%, emissivity 5%).
  • 65mm glass tube with “plug and play” connection with double O-rings.
  • Low-iron content soda lime glass has one of the highest transmission characteristics of any glass on the market today.
  • One of the only vacuum tube collectors to have passed the optional Hail Impact Test which is covered under specification EN 12975.
  • One of the best vacuum levels on the market, inferior to 1.10-6 mbar, that provides an excellent thermal insulation.
  • One of the largest getter surface area with defined length, assuring a vacuum integrity for many years to come.
  • Patented hermetically fused glass-to-metal seal with design life superior to 30 year.
  • Fully automated European manufacturing process, improving production quality.
  • High quality flexible stainless steel neck relieves stress on the glass to metal seal.
  • 22mm “plug-ang-play” fittings with double O-rings.
  • Mechanical load up to 1,5 tonne (SUN 501.30).
  • The longest warranty period on the market today